• You must invest in a good Website Optimization strategy to take your business to new heights. 
  • There are multiple variables to be considered, and expert advice is needed for proper results.  

Website Optimization is essential to scale up your online presence, it involves strategic use of certain tools for desired results. Considering the cutthroat competition, optimizing your website emerged as an essential step. It helps you rank better than the competition thereby driving traffic, sales and revenue. 

In today’s digital era, every other business has to build a website, it serves as an electronic representation of your mission, vision and narrative. Your website helps in boosting brand awareness, and serves as a medium of connecting with your customers on a personal level. 

Understanding the Nuances of Website Optimization

Website Optimization involves strategic tools at hand. One of the prominent tools is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). [Place the backlink of the SEO blog here] This technique helps in getting the pages on your website to rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). All you need to do is target proper keywords that your customers are searching for. 

Proper SEO strategy helps in building a relationship with your customers as it takes your brand and services rank higher. But only working on SEO might not bring desired results, you also have to consider using the following tools for better Website Optimization.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 
  • Copywriting & Content Writing. 
  • Analytics. 
  • UX Design (Frontend). 
  • Web Development (Backend)
  • CRO/ Landing Page Optimization. 

A better use of the aforementioned tools should bring your desired results. 

The Importance of Website Optimization

In the past decade the internet has become a place where consumers make their buying decisions based on their research of your website. Data suggests that more than 85% of people do not go beyond the first page, also, nearly 90% will not go beyond the first three searches. Now, if your website is not visible on the top searches, good luck inviting customers to your website.

In 2020 the global e-Commerce sales totaled to $4.29 Trillion, in 2021 the retail e-Commerce sales swelled to nearly $5.2 Trillion. Also, 46% of google searches are to find information about local business and 78% of mobile searches lead to offline purchases. These numbers help understand the power of the internet and the need to rank your business higher.  

By leveraging the prowess of Search Engine Optimization, you can generate the traffic required to influence interested buyers. But mere SEO is not enough, the content on your website is equally important. Another thing to master in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), it helps in maximizing the leads and sales from paid to organic traffic. 

Essential Strategies for Website Optimization

According to your business needs, and niche, various approaches can be taken to improve your website. It can be challenging to pick the right strategy, as every one has its one benefit, properly understanding the basics could help you maximize the ROI on the optimization efforts. For best possible results  following strategies can be applied. 

Focus on Providing Best Mobile Experience

Majority of the customers will search your website on their smartphones, rather than looking at it on a laptop or desktop computer. Data suggests that 52.2% of traffic in 2018 was from mobile devices, and in Q3 2019, over 64% of Google searches were made on mobile devices. The feasibility provided by smartphones is unparalleled. Hence it is crucial that your website looks great and easy to navigate even on mobile devices. 

Google has already switched to mobile-first indexing, where the main focus is on indexing your mobile pages. Hence, any delay or issue in altering the mobile suitable content for your website, can lead to loss of potential mobile conversions. It can also cause your website to not rank on relevant search terms. 

Now, if you wish to ensure that your website is mobile friendly certain pointers need to be taken care of. Test all pages on most popular phone models, to see if they adapt to different sized screens. Also make sure that you have the following points taken care of. 

  • Your website does not have pop ups, or interstitials visible on mobile. 
  • The site loads fast and effectively. 
  • Text is legible and easy to read. 
  • All content is visible.. 
  • Scaled-down images and graphics are still legible on small screens. 
  • Mobile conversion must not hamper the website navigation. 

If the aforementioned points are taken care of during the whole process, desired results can be achieved. 

Ensure Web Pages Load Fast

If a website takes 5 seconds to load bounce rate jumps by 38%, because people hate to wait for the page to respond. A fast loading website ensures a good user experience. It should be known that Page Speed is also an official Google Ranking factor, and directly impacts SEO. 

There are multiple factors that affect the loading speed of a website, ranging from HTTP requests, JS & CSS files etc. An experienced developer can solve these issues but the process is a significant investment of both time and money. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Optimization of Websites for search engines is considered to be a powerful marketing tool. Nearly 70% of marketers see SEO to be more effective than Pay Per Click (PPC). A proper SEO strategy could result in increased traffic, proper indexing of website and content, and can provide desired results. 

SEO is a complete strategy in itself and includes various variables, Keyword research, keyword placement, alt tags, meta description etc. Majorly the SEO is done according to Google because it owns nearly 75.23% of the global search engine market share. 

Therefore, selecting proper keywords is very important. You must focus on the keywords that relate to the services, products and offerings. Ensure that they are simple, have a high volume and lower keyword difficulty. There are multiple free and paid tools available in the market to help find the optimal set of long tail and short tail keywords. 

Ensuring Best User Experience

Ignoring the user experience (UX) of your website could be a huge mistake. Even after doing everything required for Website Optimization, if the website fails in providing the best user experience it will not be fruitful. Data suggest that for every $1 invested in UX, the return on investment could be between $2 to $100. 

A website providing a better UX might perform better than a fully optimized website. Pages should load smoothly, navigating must be hassle free, text legible and not eye straining, tabs should not clutter the browsing experience, and majorly must provide the visitor with a smooth and memorable experience. 

The aforementioned strategies and pointers are crucial for Website Optimization, though the strategy might vary depending on the type of business, target audience, niche, amount to be invested, geography, etc. Hence it is advisable to take an expert opinion in devising the best Website Optimization strategy.