• Search Engine Optimization emerged as an irreplaceable tool for Online Success. 
  • It helps in ranking your website at the top of search engines, increasing your visibility.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial to rank your website higher on search engines, & enhances online presence, here’s how it works. It not only allows your website to reach the target audience, but also helps in generating organic leads. One has to make some alterations in the website and data to make it suitable for the crawler. This exercise makes the website and its content rank higher for select keywords. 

Understanding the Importance of Search Engine Optimization

For any business owner having a website is as important as breathing. But just having a working website might not bring the desired results if it fails to reach the target audience. This is where the SEO skills come into play, experts work on optimizing the website to make it rank higher in search engine results. 

OPtimizing the website brings many benefits including increase in traffic, organic leads and sales. All these steps ultimately lead to higher sales and revenue, the main goal for any business. People search for products and services on search engines, and if proper keywords are targeted your site can be on top of their search results. 

It is said that over 75% of people do not go to the second page of search results, and over 90% tend to click on the first three search results. Hence placing your website on the first page, mainly on the top three becomes more important. It may sound a tedious task but if the proper approach and strategy is followed desired results can be achieved.  

Variables Required for Search Engine Optimization

Certain variables need to be in the right place to get a higher ranking. These factors include, keywords, backlinks and rank monitoring. Keywords are the most important aspect of SEO, every service, product and offerings can be referred to with a short tail or a long tail keyword. Also, proper placement of keywords in required positions can help in better SEO ranking. 

There are multiple platforms that could be used in finding the list of keywords and phrases relevant to your business. Business owners or experts are expected to think about words or phrases that are most likely to be searched by a potential customer while searching for your product or service. It is advised to focus on keywords while placing content on the website. These act as anchor points for the crawler to pick your content and drag it to the top. 

Keywords: The Most Important SEO Tool

For instance if you own a coffee shop, your keywords will be coffee shop near you, roasted coffee, Colombian coffee, local coffee shop, coffee cafe near me, etc. Any potential customer if searches any of the aforementioned keywords, there’s a chance that your shop might come in their top search results. 

It is advised to list all the related keywords on a spreadsheet and use one keyword per page. Trying to shove multiple keywords on a single page might confuse the crawler. Moreover, different pages of your website will have different offerings & each can be targeted individually increasing ranking chances. 

Keyword Placement

After choosing the desired keyword, it should then be placed in the title of the webpage. Remember that Page title is one of the most important aspects that Google and other search engines evaluate to determine what is on a webpage. It is the thing that appears on top of your web page’s results in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The title length must not exceed 65 characters, and the keyword should be placed naturally in it. 

Similar keywords should also be placed in the web page URL. Specifically the keyword or phrase is to be placed in the slug, as shown below. It is advisable to use short keyword or simpler keyword here, as using an exceptionally long slug might not bring desired results. 

Another important place to place the selected keyword is in Meta Description. This provides extra information to the search engine regarding the web page and content. The maximum character limit is 160 characters for a webpage and 145 characters for an article. This space can be used to put the keyword and phrase helping to better understand the services and offerings. 

Another important area to place the keyword is your H1 text. Usually the title of an article is considered to be the H1 text, and provide useful information. It should also be stuffed in the content as well. The general ratio is around 1%, indicating that for a 1000 word blog, the keyword can appear not more than 10 times. 

The keyword should be included naturally throughout the mentioned position and must not look forced. Natural placement makes a huge difference. 

Building Links: Another Key Factor

After strategically placing the keyword in the website and related data, one must focus on building inbound links to your website. These links can be from authoritative sites of your industry or niche. It is considered to be the most important step that optimizes your website for  search engines. 

The number and quality of these links that point to your website are very important to Google & search engines to evaluate your rank on different terms. It suggests that other websites and people are liking you, increasing the authoritativeness of your website. If different websites link your articles and websites it brings more traffic.

It is Not a One Time Process

After proper placement of keywords in title, meta description, slug etc, and ensuring proper links your website might rank. But to keep it on the top, the parameters need to be rechecked from time to time. Recommended time limit for SEO monitoring is between a couple of weeks to a few months. This step would allow you to keep a track of progress. 

There are dedicated tools for SEO monitoring, both free and paid. But the reason for time to time monitoring is the ever changing landscape. Keywords lose their potential, which should be tweaked slightly. It is advised to keep multiple options for meta description ready and should be changed in regular intervals.  

There are multiple platforms for SEO auditing and businesses offering services related to this subject. You can use the SEO facilities provided by Brint Marketing Solutions to take your business to the next level.