Producing great content but struggling to get views ? then it might be the time for you to work on your Youtube SEO marketing.

You might be familiar with the fundamentals of SEO for YouTube videos, such as using keywords in the channel name, meta description, and tags. But there’s more you can do for YouTube SEO by making videos more accessible. Since search engine bots are unable to view videos, they must be properly indexed using the accompanying text information. Utilising the text in your video in the form of transcripts, closed captions, and subtitles is a crucial part of a YouTube SEO strategy because it can have a positive impact on user experience, engagement, watch time, viewership, and SEO.

So why not harness the power of Youtube SEO marketing ? Let’s dive in to learn the top 8 tips which can help you make your standout from all the clutter out there.

  1. Track your analytics

Monitoring your analytics is the only method to determine whether your Youtube SEO marketing  approach is effective. Metrics may show you where your content is succeeding and where they may need some improvement.

You may track your progress using the various analytics data provided by YouTube, and by doing so on a regular basis you can learn the shortcomings in your strategy and improve it to make your strategy work for you.

  1. Prioritise user engagement

According to research, engagement indicators like comments, likes, shares, and subscriptions closely correlate with higher ranks and  Google is primarily interested in the reactions that readers have to your material because it is what keeps visitors on their site.

So encourage viewers to share, like, and comment on your videos to promote engagement, and on top that  take the time to reply to their comments and messages.

  1. Try Youtube cards

In order to urge viewers to take the appropriate actions throughout your video, YouTube cards are preformatted notifications. Once configured, visitors can click on and explore the cards that display in the upper right corner of your films.

Cards are a terrific technique to increase your rating on YouTube because the platform wants to keep users there.

In a video, you can add up to five cards, which can contain a variety of CTAs, such as links to other channels, requests for donations to charities, or crowdsourcing.

  1. Attractive thumbnails for the win

The click-through rate is significantly affected by the selection of the video thumbnail image, and using photographs with a 16:9 aspect ratio that are of good quality and contrast.

The greatest shots are those with close-ups of the face. Now, YouTube users can pick which frame appears as the thumbnail for their video so you can choose from 3 screenshots that YouTube will provide or pick a different frame from the video or submit your own photo.

  1. Optimise everything

Once you’ve chosen a great keyword, you must make sure that the texts related to your video are optimised for that keyword as part of your Youtube SEO marketing strategy. .

For instance, be sure to optimise the title, descriptions, and tags for the term “brownie recipe” if you upload videos regarding a brownie recipe.

Remember that search engines are aware of keyword stuffing and the tactic of abusing the system by employing excessive amounts of keywords and phrase variations. So keep that in mind and write for people, not machines, or you can risk being penalised.

  1. Add transcripts

The greatest method for showing your transcript on YouTube is the video description. A transcript for a 10-minute video with a lot of conversation can typically fit in the description field’s 5,000 character limit.

You can add an abbreviated version with a link to the full version on a different web page if your transcript doesn’t fit or you want to include other significant information in the description, such as a call-to-action.

Keyword-rich descriptions are still an advised best practice since they can help your video rank for relevant terms and show as a “suggested video” . In addition to increasing interaction, transcripts make content easier to browse as well.

  1. Add accurate closed caption

Videos cannot be seen by search engines, but they can crawl text. Your video’s captions will be jam-packed with pertinent keywords that describe its subject so that Google can index it and give it the proper ranking.

YouTube videos can have captions added in a variety of ways. Some YouTubers start with the automated transcript and fix any mistakes by hand. There are alternative inexpensive but labour-intensive DIY transcription options as well which you can use for your Youtube SEO marketing.

Sending your films to a reputable video transcription provider is the simplest solution, but apart from that professional video transcription has a rapid turnaround time and is of high quality.

  1. Select your keywords carefully

The correct keyword or phrase must be chosen for your video before you can improve YouTube SEO. Keywords frequently occur in video titles, metadata, captions, and transcripts when they are stated in the audio. That’s advantageous for SEO.

The words and phrases you choose for your keywords and keyword phrases should a) appropriately describe your video, and b) be similar to what people type into search engines to find material like yours.

You’ll need to conduct some keyword research to learn what terms and phrases individuals use when searching. Using YouTube’s Search Suggest feature to identify a keyword for your video is a simple method you can try for your Youtube SEO marketing to work.

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