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Why Choose Brint Marketing Solutions for Google Ads Marketing?

We have a proven track record where we leverage our tried and tested methodology to boost our clients business to new heights. Our dedicated and certified professionals have diverse experience across industries and niches. The team is proud of consistently delivering exceptional ROI to our clients. 

Our team understands the nuances and intricacies, plus we ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest trends to provide our client with optimal solutions. We understand and respect the uniqueness of your business and would ensure you reach your specific goals. 

Years of experience has provided us with a grip of keywords which are believed to be cornerstones for a successful Google Ads campaign. Drafting a creative ad campaign to persuade potential clients is our priority. 

Data is the king and we avoid making hasty decisions. Our experts would meticulously analyze the data to create a well crafted Google ads campaign for your company. We believe in transparency and would keep you in loop in every step of the way. 

We would ensure that your digital profile is updated in accordance with ongoing trends. Once you associate with Brint Marketing Solutions we would ensure that we both grow in today’s age of digital revolution.

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Brint Marketing’s Google Ads Marketing Strategy.

  • We work closely with our clients to better understand their needs and niche. We try to analyze their business goals, target audience, and craft a customized Google Ads Strategy.
  • Our experts carefully pick the keywords to cater clients’ needs. Our creative team creates engaging ad copy and visuals to better project your business to clients.
  • Launching your Google Ads Campaign is crucial, our  experience guides us in picking perfect timing. We would use advanced targeting and bidding strategies to scale up the results. Constant monitoring and data analysis allow us to adjust the strategies for optimal performance.

Is Your Management Cost Different from The Budget to Run Google Ads?

Yes, the management & handling cost is different from the budget that you will fix to run Google Ads. Working with Brint Marketing Solution is a great way to maximize the impact of your Google Ads budget. Our experienced team will be able to help you devise an expert strategy for utilizing those funds and guide you through the process of implementing it. Through careful management of your budget, our marketing solutions are designed to bring you the best possible return on investment—so don’t get discouraged by expectations that require a different level of cost! With Brint Marketing Solution at your side, reaching and exceeding your goals has never been more achievable.

By collaborating with Brint Marketing Solutions, you’re not only hiring a digital marketing agency, you’re getting a partner dedicated to your success. Our expertise in Google Ads marketing can be your ticket to getting your business to a greater audience and achieving your business goals. 

As a business owner you might not like to see your competitor outpace you in this digital marketing race. Connect with Brint Marketing to unleash the full potential of Google Ads Marketing, and let Google be the driving force in your success.


  1. Unlimited Campaigns
  2. AD Groups
  3. Ad Copies
  4. Unlimited Keywords
  5. Search Ads
  6. Display Ads
  7. Gmail Ads
  8. Video Ads
  9. Shopping Ads
  10. App Promotion Ads
  1. Remarketing List
  2. Conversion Tracking
  3. Competitor Analysis
  4. Keyword Optimization
  5. Ad Copy Optimization
  7. ROI Analysis
  8. Landing Page Optimization
  9. Monthly Report
  10. Dedicated Account Manager
Steps to starting Google ads

Reasons To Advertise On Google


ROI Is Attained Through Google Ads.


Businesses Invest In PPC Advertising.


Conversions On Google Ads Than Organic Traffic.


Shoppers Click On Paid Search To Get In Touch With The Marketer Easily.

How Much Do Google Ads Cost In India?

PPC advertising
  • There is no sure shot formula to calculate the actual cost of running a Google Ads campaign in any country as it depends on various factors as mentioned below. 
  • Industry and Competition: The level of competition your industry has influences  the demand for specific keywords. This factor greatly impacts the cost per click. Industries with higher competition ratios like finance, insurance, e-commerce etc tend to have higher CPCs. 
  • Keywords play a crucial role, the choice of target keywords for your Google Ads Campaign influences the cost. Higher competitive keywords are expensive, while long-tail keywords have lower search volumes. 
  • Google Ads allows you to specifically target a geographical location based  on your target audience. Hence the cost can vary depending on the region you are targeting. Major and metropolitan cities could have higher CPCs than smaller cities. 
  • The quality of your ad campaign also dictates your cost, Ads with higher quality could be higher in cost compared to mediocre ones. Also the positioning of your ads is crucial, ads that appear on the top section of pages are costly than lower sections. Mainly because of click-through rate (CTR).
  • How much you spend on advertising also dictates the aforementioned variables. Scheduling the time of ads display, could also be a factor. Depending on the time of day and day of the week CPCs may vary. Higher peak hours lead to more competition. 
  • Using ad extensions increases your visibility and effectiveness, but the extension could be costly. 
  • It should be noted that the Google Ads operates on an auction-based system, and an advertiser bid for ad placement. This bidding system makes the cost for CPCs dynamic. Aforementioned variables can alter the cost from time to time.

PPC Packages



PPC Campaign
  • Website Updates
  • Technical Support Duration
  • Ad Copies – Maximum 6
  • No. of Keywords-50



PPC Campaign
  • Campaign – 2
  • AD Groups – 6
  • Ad Copies – Maximum 15
  • No. of Keywords - 100



PPC Campaign
  • Campaign – 5
  • AD Groups – 10
  • Ad Copies – Maximum 50
  • No. of Keywords - 150