• Email marketing emerged as a way to establish a personal connection with your audience. 
  • It has emerged as the most cost effective way to boost your brand awareness. 

In the current digital marketing landscape Email marketing is still a powerful and cost-effective tool to gain desired success. Effective use of this tool can help a business connect with their target audience and build a strong relationship to drive conversion. Despite the rise in Social media and other avenues, email marketing still continues to bring desired results. 

Data suggests that over 68% of businesses use email to send content to their contacts. Email marketing is considered to be the most cost effective direct marketing channel, for every $1 spent in this sector could generate the return of investment of $36.  

What Exactly in Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a direct marketing channel facilitating businesses to share their services, products, upcoming sales, etc. Nowadays this type of marketing has shifted from one-size-fits-all mass mailing where every contact received similar mails, to a more focused and personalized state. It provides a way to connect with the customer and develop a long-term relationship. 

It might come out as a time-consuming process, but marketing automation and dedicated softwares help in strategising email marketing. It can be said that a well designed strategy helps in driving sales and greatly helps in building the community around the brand. 

Various Types of Email Marketing

Depending on the desired outcome, email marketing can be classified into promotional, informational or designed to serve a specific purpose. 

Nuances of Promotional Emails

Email marketing campaigns can be used to promote special offers, new product releases, or to provide gated content like ebooks, webinars, skilfully crafter videos etc. These offerings could help attain the promotional criterias and could contain 3-10 emails sent over the course of several days or weeks. 

Generally promotional emails have a clear call-to-action (CTA), where the reader is motivated to take a specific action. These steps could include visiting the website, or using a coupon to make a purchase. For example, Get your free gift by visiting the website, fill this form to get exciting discounts, etc. 

Insights on Informational Emails

Newsletters are considered as the most effective form of informational emails. It shares information related to your business. For instance, if your business cracked a new deal, made an exciting discovery or you simply wish to inform the audience about the product or services. 

These are generally sent in regular intervals, it may be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc. Nowadays every other person has subscribed to one on many newsletters to remain updated with current events, stock prices etc. Such informational emails have been known to serve the desired results. 

Retention Emails: A Way to Retain Your Customer

Retention Emails help in keeping your customers happy and they are influenced to always come back for more. It is known that attaining new contact is tougher than keeping old ones. This type of email marketing strategy emerged as a valuable cornerstone of email marketing. 

These types of emails engage customers in your brand image. It also facilitates a platform to introduce your product or service, and send out surveys. Also, it can be used to target uninterested customers with a dedicated campaign to win them back. Certain aspects of retention email include the following. 

  • Welcome Emails. 
  • How-to-use-our-products emails. 
  • Advertising your achievement emails. 
  • Upcoming actions of improvements. 
  • Company news, stories & events. 
  • Discuss about company resources. 
  • Market related contests to boost brand awareness. 
  • Market user-generated content. 

Such emails help users better understand the use of the product or service, or how to navigate the application, and what more the company is all about. The main goal here is to boost the number of subscribers and increase the sale of products and services. 

Many brands are known to re-engage fading customers by sending out a survey. These surveys allow the companies to get valuable feedback to improve their product & services. Sometimes the companies also offer prizes for the customers filling out the survey forms. 

Transactional Emails: The Automated Format

The category of transactional emails are generally automated emails triggered as a response to certain actions taken by the customers. For instance when a customer visits the website, buys an item from your shop, fills a survey, sends an email to you etc. Following are the major types of transactional emails. 

  • Order Confirmation. 
  • Thank You email. 
  • Password Reset. 
  • Abandoned Cart emails. 
  • Product review requests. 
  • Your account is logged in from another platform or device. 
  • Etc. 

Such types of emails cannot be directly linked to marketing, but they are crucial for customer satisfaction. These immediate messages are important as they serve as a confirmation that a customer gets for their actions. 

The Importance of Email Marketing

Since 1971 emails have come a long way from a mode of electronic communication. It recently emerged as a huge mode of marketing and is more important than ever before. Emails are different from social media, and its marketing strategy serves several advantages.

Email marketing campaigns facilitate personalization to a greater extent compared to social media. Moreover, the costs associated with this are considerably lower than other channels. They also offer the highest conversion rates making it ideal for small businesses. 

Unlike traditional social media, emails are not public discussion forums. They provide a direct line of communication, and individual access to the audience’s inbox and they are not affected by timely algorithm changes. Any email id will continue to exist and have a functional inbox as long as the security protocols are provided. 

Email marketing performance is easy to analyze and track. With proper CRM tools available in the market it is possible to analyze how many people have opened the email, clicked on the embedded links, and the data can be used to strategise future email campaigns. 

In 2022 the global email users were around 4.2 Billion. 99% of email users check their inbox at least once a day. 62% of the consumers have ranked emails in their top preferred communication channels with smaller businesses. And 59% of people agreed that marketing emails have influenced their buying decisions. 

Aforementioned data sheds light on the potential power of email marketing. How it is the best and most cost effective way to market your product, business and services. What are its positives and why a business should invest in a strong email marketing strategy.