In recent years the design marketing strategies have completely changed as people need to know for sure what they are about to sign up for or the money they are going to spend is worth it or not. Which is exactly why showing up as your best self as part of your marketing strategy is a must, and we here at the Brint Marketing Solutions have got you covered with all the latest trends in the design marketing strategies which are effective and can make you stand out from the crowd. So let’s dive in to level up your game with their top 10 design marketing strategies.

  1. Know your specialisation for your design marketing strategy

It has been shown that developing a specialisation can benefit your firm. Because naturally, when you are concentrating on what you are best at, you always produce the highest calibre work. Good at designing interiors for family? then make that your USP for your design marketing strategies and see how it does wonders for you!

  1. Analyse your competition

Do your homework on your rivals if you want to make sure that what you’re offering is unique. By analysing your competition you can know that what they are doing differently that is making them sell. You can even get inspired from what they are doing or even learn from their failures to make sure you don’t repeat their marketing mistakes.

  • Incorporate virtual staging

The practice of planning or staging an interior using software so that you may visualise a design is known as virtual staging, and this can be an important part of your design marketing strategy as then your prospective homeowners will be able to visualise how their homes would appear after being remodelled. This will allow them to know for sure what they are signing up for and this is the part where you can shine and show them what you’re best at.

  • Know the pain points

Compile the information you have acquired from conversation with your current clients and some market research to know what are the pain points which you can touch as part of your design marketing strategy.

You can do this by determining the most prevalent client issues and pain points you always run into and then make  a list of these and write them down for later use.

Remember to include your solutions to their issues and any guidance you offer by considering it a combination of an online journal and a case study log.

  • Use your reviews

Your company will benefit greatly from having 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook or any other relevant platform in today’s world and this is exactly what will set you apart from other local interior designers and makes you appear to be among the best.

This is a relatively easy interior design marketing strategy to implement, and the returns will compound over time. All you have to do is, simply ask your satisfied customers to assist promote you online by leaving a review.

The key is to be polite and use the right words when you’re asking for them for a review in order for it to be positive.

  • Use Email marketing

Email marketing is a crucial component of any effective marketing plan for interior design, since it is a  potent strategy for converting infrequent visitors into leads and eventually customers.

You can send them helpful hints, how-to articles, the most recent project you completed, newsletters for a simple sales email with a discount code to keep people in the loop and to make sure that when they think of interior design, they think of you.

  • Use social media marketing

If you don’t think that social media is an important part of your design marketing strategy, then you’re making a huge mistake since social media is the ideal place for you to display your work.

The key to making the best use of social media for your business is using the right channels and platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are the ideal  for you to post high quality content and set the tone for the kind of work you offer to your clients. So make sure you put your best image out there for people to see and make a decision.

  • Set up a website

WordPress may require a little bit more technical expertise to get going, but it’s definitely worth the time and money, while if you want to get there then getting an expert on board should be something you can consider. Since having a website will do wonders for your business and help you come out looking professional and reliable at the same time.

  • Include blogs

Start producing How-to articles to instruct potential customers on how to do things themselves once you have a collection of ideas, challenges, and answers from your prospects and clients.

 You can even highlight your abilities and prior work in a how-to post without coming across as someone trying to sell you anything. Since when you write informative articles and share them with visitors to your website, you’ll gain the reputation of being an expert in your subject and gain the credibility you need.

  • Focus on Instagram

Instagram is the social media channel on which you should concentrate your efforts as an interior designer today. Because with  its strong picture focus, it ideally complements the digital marketing approach of interior designers.

The platform can be a very effective tool for promoting your interior design company and showcasing your personal taste to potential clients all around the world. So make sure you use this power tool and post high quality content on a daily basis, which can be more than just ads but also educational or  engaging content which design enthusiasts would like to see.

  1. Free consultations are the perfect start

By offering a free consultation as a part of your design marketing strategy, you might get a potential client who would not have contacted another designer otherwise. But the key is to make sure that you give these consultations mindefully and don’t drain yourself in the process excessively. So do it only when it becomes logical to provide free consultations until you establish a steady clientele that will result in referral business.

So these were the top 10 design marketing strategies that you can implement today to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Want to make sure that these strategies give you the results you want? Then get the expert help you need  with the Brint Marketing Solutions, by visiting our website and learn all about design marketing from the experts!